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Summer School

The purpose of the Halifax Regional School Board'’s Summer School Program is to provide an opportunity for students to complete course outcomes in specific subjects already taken during the current school year. The Summer School Program will allow students a focused program in Math Grades 11-12 and English Grades 10-12 and will enhance their skills and knowledge of the subject. See below regarding information for Mathematics Grade 10. The Summer School Program is intended to provide a creative, challenging, and appropriate learning environment for all students. The programs will offer students ongoing assessment and feedback directly aligned with the expected learning outcomes for their program and level.

To be eligible for a Summer School course, students enrolling will be required to have taken the course during the 2015-2016 school year.

Questions regarding summer school should be directed to your school principal.

The Halifax Regional School Board will offer Summer School courses in Math Grades 11-12 and English Grades 10-12 for students currently enrolled in Grades 10-12. Students may take only one course at Summer School.

Courses will be offered at Dartmouth High School. (Directions)

Note: At the time of Summer School registration, a report card or a letter from the school administration must be provided as proof that the course was taken in the 2015-2016 school year.

The courses offered will operate only if sufficient registrations are received.

Grades 10 - 12 students are offered a five-week program in English.

Grades 11 - 12 students are offered a five-week program in Mathematics.

The student's final grade will be entirely based on course assessment during summer school.

Summer Learning Opportunity for Mathematics 10

  • 5 week summer learning opportunity
  • For a student to be eligible for summer learning they must still be enrolled in the course and have written the NSE 10.
  • Summer learning will include all Mathematics 10 content assessed on the NSE 10 – all outcomes except two outcomes in the financial mathematics unit that are assessed by project work.
  • There will be no cost to students.

The final mark will be calculated from:

  • 80% from course work during summer
  • 20% from NSE Mathematics 10 mark from June

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