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Student Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find out my child's bus schedule information?

A: The information is distributed to the schools in June of each year. You can also check the schedule for your child's school at .

Q: How far do I have to live from the school to be eligible for School Bus Transportation?

A: Under the Education Act, students are transported if they live a distance greater than 3.6 km from the school. The HRSB provides busing for elementary students at a distance of 2.4 km.

Q: If I have a question regarding transportation eligibility, who do I call?

A: Contact your local school or the Administrator, Student Transportation, at 464-2000 ext. 2871.

Q: If I do not meet the eligibility criteria noted above, is there any other way my child can travel on a Board operated school bus?

A: If there is room on a bus that travels to or from your child's school, it is possible to have this service extended to you. If approved, this is known as "Courtesy Seating" and may be discontinued at any time if there is no longer any room on the bus. Bus routes, times and stops are not altered for the purpose of transporting courtesy students.

Q: What is the policy to have a stop added and who do I call?

A: In order to establish a bus stop, there can be no more than 3 stops in 1.6 kms with the stops being no closer than 0.3 km from one another. If the request is for a location off the current bus route, the stop must be more than 0.8 km from the main route and be a public road. You would contact Stock Transportation at 902-481-8400

Q: How do I arrange transportation for my child with special needs?

A: The school administration will complete a form requesting special transportation for your child. The form asks for detailed information relating to you child's needs. This information is then directed through Student Services in order to initiate transportation.

Q: If I have received permission for my child to transfer to a school other than the one serving our area, is transportation provided?

A: Transportation is not provided in this situation; it is the parent/guardians responsibility to transport the child to the school.

Q: How does Stock Transportation prepare buses for September?

A: Check out this video: