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ImageBoard Services: Directly responsible to the Office of the Superintendent for the executive functions of the organization, including legal services, policy, planning, research, communications, diversity management, school reviews, and Freedom of Information requests.

ImageFinancial Services: Responsible for developing and managing the annual budget, accounting and financial reporting, payroll, purchasing, contract and grants administration.

ImageHuman Resource Services: Responsible for providing a broad range of HR services to employees from the time they are hired to the time they retire.  HR works in partnership with other departments and School Administrators to ensure employees have what they need to do their job. 

ImageOperations Services: Responsible for the day to day care of HRSB schools and buildings, as well as facilities rentals, pupil transportation, and technology services.

ImageProgram: Responsible for the overall leadership and support in the delivery of the provincial Public School Program, from implementation to evaluation, and in the delivery of quality special education policies.

ImageSchool Administration: Responsible for day-to-day school operations, staffing and administrative appointments, professional development for school administrators, community-based educational supports, international students, and Safe Schools.