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Board & Ministerial Policies

Policies are statements of principle which are adopted to outline a course of action. Policies are set by both the Governing Board and the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Ministerial Policies

The following policies have been set by the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development* and apply to all schools and school boards in Nova Scotia:

* The policies listed above are some of the more frequently cited or used policies, it is not a complete list. Visit the EECD website for more information.

** If your child receives a suspension under the Provincial School Code of Conduct, the HRSB has a document which outlines the process for Review and Appeal of Suspensions - link

HRSB Policies

The following policies have been established by the HRSB Governing Board:

A. Board Services

A.001 Naming or Renaming Schools
A.006 Tobacco-Free Schools and Workplaces
A.007 Student Advisors to the Board
A.012 Policy Development and Review
A.013 Communications

B. School Administration

B.002 Communicable Diseases
B.005 Head Lice
B.008 Lunch Time Supervision
B.010 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
B.012 School and Bus Cancellation
B.014 School Trips
B.017 Parent Concern Protocol (Currently Under Review)
B.018 Principal & Vice-Principal Appraisal
B.020 Religious Education in Schools (Currently Under Review)
B.021 Safe, Secure and Healthy Schools
B.023 Distribution and Display of Materials in Schools
B.024 Information Sharing Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act
B.025 School Advisory Councils
B.026 Canadian Anthem
B.027 Custody and Access
B.028 Student Registration

C. Program

C.001 Distributed Learning
C.003 French Second Language
C.004 Home Schooling
C.006 Special Education (Currently Under Review)
C.007 Assessment, Evaluation and Communication of Student Learning
C.009 Administration of Medication to Students by School Personnel
C.010 Race Relations, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Human Rights in Learning (Currently Under Review)
C.011 Severe Medical Conditions (Currently Under Review)
C.012 Life-Threatening Allergies
C.013 Digital Citizenship

D. Human Resource Services

D.002 Occupational Health and Safety (Currently Under Review)
D.003 Recruitment, Identification and Selection of Principals & Vice-Principals
D.004 Recruiting and Hiring of Staff
D.005 Secondary Employment
D.006 Progressive Discipline for Board Employees
D.007 Student Protection
D.008 Supervision and Appraisal for School-based Teaching Staff
D.010 Respectful Workplace (Harassment)
D.011 Disclosure of Wrongdoing
D.012 Attendance Support Policy for Employees (Approved September 27, 2017)

E. Financial Services

E.001 Purchasing
E.002 Accounting for School Based Funds
E.003 Budget and Business Planning
E.004 Investment

F. Operations Services

F.001 Use of Board Facilities
F.004 Solid Waste Management
F.005 Student Transportation
F.006 Fire Safety
F.008 School Boundary Review
F.009 School Site Selection

HRSB policies under review

The following HRSB policies are currently under review:

If you wish to provide feedback on any of the above policies, please email Selena Henderson, Corporate Secretary at