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Donating to the HRSB

The Halifax Regional School Board is a registered charity with Revenue Canada. As the provider of public education to approximately 48,000 students in 134 schools, the HRSB is happy to accept donations that can enhance childrens' experience with us. 

Here's what you need to know if you would like to make a donation:

We have an official registration number and can issue official receipts for income tax purposes. 

In order to comply with federal legislation, we must file an annual registered charity return; therefore, official receipts will be issued from the Board's Finance Department only.

Cash donations must be sent to Regional Accounting Services. Cheques must be made payable to Halifax Regional School Board.

Funds will be deposited to the Board's account and a cheque will be issued to the school that is being gifted. Receipts will be issued and returned either directly to the donor or to the school. Please include the name and address of the donor if it is different from the information on the cheque.

Donations of property may qualify for a tax receipt under certain circumstances. There must be a reasonable estimate of the true value of the item. If the item is valued over $1,000, an independent professional appraisal is required. 

Donations of services do not qualify for a tax receipt.