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2017-2018 EXCEL Fee Schedule - click here

Monthly tuition for the EXCEL program is processed on the 20th of each month, beginning August 20th for 10 consecutive months. Ten consecutive post-dated cheques beginning with August 20th, or banking information for either PAP or credit card must be supplied at the time of registration. A schedule of our program fees is listed in the parent handbook for your convenience. Monthly fees are calculated by the number of actual school days less all inservice, professional development days and holidays. There is no refund for non-attendance.


For clarification purposes, since payment is required on the 20th of each month the 2 week notice to withdraw is calculated 2 weeks prior to the payment date, not the 1st of the month. Given the size of our program, sufficient time is needed to address changes to your account, stop payments and provide additional time for persons on a waiting list to enroll and begin their payments at the required time.


Please make sure that the person holding the account and the child's name are listed on all cheques and correspondence. NSF cheques, declined credit cards or insufficient funds through PAP, will be subject to a $16.50 charge. Please make certain that credit card information provided at registration will be valid at the time of transaction each month. Parents are responsible to notify the Registrar of new expiry dates. Repeated charges may result in the removal of the child from the program.

Make cheques/money orders payable to:

25 Alfred Street Dartmouth, NS
B3A 4E8

For account information, please contact the Registrar at 902-464-2000, ext. 2787 or e-mail or


Official income tax receipts will be issued for each calendar year in February according to Revenue Canada regulations. The receipt will be issued in the name of the Account Holder that is identified on the application form. Please notify the Registrar of any changes to your email and/or mailing address. Requests for duplicate copies and/or changes to Account Holder names will be subject to a $15.75 Administration fee.


All transactions take place on the 20th of each month. Consistent payments in arrears may result in the suspension of your child from our program until your account is brought current. More than one suspension may result in the removal of your child from the program and limit future registration into the EXCEL Child Care Program until your account is settled. If necessary, further action will be taken for recovery of the amount owed.


All After school programs end at 6:00 p.m. Parents are required to pick up their children no later than the 6:00 pm. In the event that a child is not picked up by 6:00 pm, the following procedures will be followed:

1) There will be a late pickup charge of $11.00/family per 15 minutes or part thereof;

2) Should the first incidence of late arrival be within 5 minutes of the 6:00 pm program ending time, there will be no fee charged. Parents later than 6:05 pm on the first incidence of late arrival would be charged a $11.00/family fee per 15 minutes or part thereof;

3) Each subsequent late pickup will be subject to a $11.00/family fee per 15 minutes or part thereof;

4) More than five incidents of late pickup without a valid excuse or notification will result in a discussion to determine if our program's operating hours meets the needs of the family;

5) Late fees will be billed to the method of payment provided for your monthly program fee;

6) Late fees are billed to cover the cost of the instructor's wages to remain with your child(ren).

We recognize that circumstances may occasionally arise making it difficult for parents to arrive by our program end time and encourage parents to identify alternate authorized individuals as a back-up plan for days in which a 6:00 pm pickup time is not feasible. During days of inclement weather parents are asked to allow sufficient travel time to ensure their arrival prior to program closing time.