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Student Transportation

NEW - March 19 Bussing Changes

Changes being implemented on March 19 will impact more than a dozen schools. Click here to learn more.

Bus Schedules

  • Bus Schedules are available here. (Each link is the bus schedule for all regular bus routes that travel to and from that school.)
  • Students are requested to be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the listed time to ensure readiness for boarding the bus. It is also suggested that parents/guardians who will meet their children at the p.m. bus stop be there 5 minutes prior to the listed time.


Eligibility for transportation is defined in the provincial Governor in Council Education Act Regulations:

Transportation of students

6 (1) A school board pursuant to clause 64(2)(g) of the Act shall make provision for the transportation of students either by providing the service itself, or making arrangements with some other person for such service, if

  1. one or more students reside more than 3.6 km from the school to which they are to be transported; or
  2. one or more students, because of special needs, require transportation irrespective of the distance; and
  3. the school board determines that transportation of the students is necessary.

Under the HRCE Student Transportation Policy, the eligibility distance for students in grades Primary through 6 is reduced to any students who live 2.4 kilometres or more away from school.

Students are assigned by the HRCE's transportation provider, Stock Transportation, to routes based on their home address. Eligibility for busing is determined from the student’s home property line to the school property line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view some of the frequently asked questions regarding student transportation.

Stock Bus Tracker

Do you want to follow your child's bus in near-real time? Stock Transportation has developed a mobile app called the Stock Bus Tracker, which tracks HRCE school buses.

If you set up the Stock Bus Tracker in the 2016-17 school year, you do not have to set it up again. 

Download a brochure that explains step-by-step how to use the Stock Bus Tracker app; or click here to follow these step-by-step directions to download and use the Stock Bus Tracker app:

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